Submit a slogan!

To submit a slogan, you can either contact us through the Twitter account, or you can email it to this address.

However, there are a couple of rules you must follow for the slogan to be a valid catch:

  1. It must be a photo of the slogan - a sign, a van, a letterhead etc.  Screenshots of websites or television adverts are not permitted, else this would be too easy!
  2. It must be a slogan, not a company description.  For example, with "Henderson's Quality Kitchen Fitters", 'quality kitchen fitters' is not a slogan.  However, with "Henderson's Quality Kitchen Fitters - we fit quality kitchens", the latter part is most definitely a slogan, and a bloody awful one at that!
  3. Please accompany your slogan with a brief description of what the company actually does.
  4. If you'd like to be credited, be sure to include your website/blog/Twitter/FaceBook address.
Our legal department has also asked us to remind you that while several of these photos have the appearance of having been taken at high speed on the outside lane of a motorway, this is not behaviour that we would condone or encourage in any way.  So don't blame us.

Happy hunting!

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