Friday, 29 June 2012

Maintaining the Future

Burleys: Maintaining the Future

Slogan snatched by @Waldofabulous

 Not content with trimming a few hedges, Burleys have taken it upon themselves to look after the entire human race!

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Magic carpets

Victoria Carpets ...where great carpets begin

Snatched by @waldofabulous

Bonus points for the friendly, "handwritten" slogan.

Learning Together

Snatched by @waldofabulous

One in a long line of ghastly "the teachers learn just as much as the children" slogans.

Inspired by you

3663: inspired by you
Snatched by @Sloganhunter

3663 is, it says here, "a wholesale food supplier providing food delivery and catering solutions to the hospital and foodservice industry."  Quite how they're "inspired" by us remains a mystery.  

Society pages

Loomis: "Managing cash in society"
Slogan snatched by @waldofabulous

Loomis transports cash around in armoured vehicles.  You'd think their slogan would be something to do with strength, security or brute force.  But no, they've decided they need to remind people that they're a part of society too, as if their officers regularly help old ladies across the road while they're lugging secure boxes of tenners out of a bank. 

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Setting the standard

MNPA: "we care"

We decided to start this blog when we were wondering how many companies use the lazy, hackneyed, and almost always ironic slogan "... because we care".

MNPA is a pensions company.  We'll leave it up to you how that affects the irony level of this one, but it definitely scores a 10 for naffness.