Thursday, 16 August 2012

Bowled over

Today's Bowler: ... often controversial, sometimes radical, rarely dull
 Slogan snatched by @pandacetamol

 Pandacetamol spotted this one at a "sporting getaway place" in Devon, and what a cracker it is.  "Rarely dull" - are they admitting that it's sometimes dull?  And what "radical" content could one expect to find in a magazine on lawn and carpet bowls?  Just wonderful.

Thanks to Pandacetamol for submitting this one - keep your eyes peeled, folks, and send 'em in!

Instructions for submitting a slogan

And now, for your pleasure, here's the entire front cover:

Friday, 10 August 2012

It's all relative

Heathrow: Making every journey better
 Captured by @falconermusic

 Better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick, maybe.  Why does an airport need a slogan anyway?  Who chooses their flights based on the range of duty free shopping at this end?

Damning with faint praise

Fulwell Golf Club: One of London's finest

 Captured by @falconermusic

 Always struck me as a bit weak, this one.  I mean, if you're not actually London's finest golf club, then why crow about being second (or third) best?  I mean they get points for honesty, but is this really the best thing they can say about their club? 

Bad gas

British Gas: Looking after your world

 Snatched by @falconermusic

 Yeah, you're not though are you.  Not in any sense.  You money-grabbing fuckers.

Force *this*

Enterprise: The Force Behind Pharmacy
 Slogan snapped by @falconermusic


The Perfect Solution

Pallex: The Perfect Solution
 Slogan Snatched by @falconermusic

 Not only lazy, but they've gone for the friendly handwriting angle as well.

To fly, perchance to be delayed.

British Airways: To Fly. To Serve. It's what we do. It's who we are.
 Slogan Snatched by @falconermusic

 Well this one is a beauty.  You've got at least two slogans in there, laid out in a way that would be more suited to a branch of the armed forces. 

Their television advert says "To Fly. To Serve" are the four words British Airways workers live by, which surprised me as I thought they were, "Sorry, sir - we've overbooked."

Thursday, 9 August 2012

THE laziest type of slogan.

abacus: The vehicle hire company
Slogan snatched by @Sloganhunter

Lazy, lazy, lazy.

Sharing The Expectation...

Walton Leigh School: Sharing the expectation and the challenge
 Slogan snatched by @waldofabulous

Even without the Comic Sans, this is nauseating in the extreme.  Sharing the expectation and the crushing disappointment would probably be more appropriate.

Parents will also be reassured to know that Walton Leigh is a specialist in "learning".